Matt Ferdinander (gone_and_aerogy) wrote in sex_cones,
Matt Ferdinander

Nuts And Sprinkles On Top (LOL)

Looks like I don't even use the fucking templates and I just go with it and what not.

Basic Info
Name: Kyle
Age: 19
Sexual Preference Not too sure. I hope I'm gay but I hear that I'm not by just about everyone that knows me. Ugh!
Location: Holt, Michigan
What does your LJ name mean?: It came to me in a dream. It represents the symbolic and systematic rape of every mind in the greater Lansing and Jackson area. But only those areas. And if you are a woman then fuck yourself in the ass with a broom stick and don't even worry about it one little tiny bit. I'm totally JK! OMFGROFLALB!!
Tell us about your most embarrassing moment: When I asked for the whole football teams autographs. (After I just fucked them, oh no!)
Give us a random, interesting fact about you: I always run out of toilet paper. Danget.
Describe yourself in 6 words: Little pee pees in my butt.
Most naughty sex act: Either the sex on the couch in some friend's house or that time my football coach held me after practice.
Favorite sexual position: Guy on top... of me! LOL
Penis size/Vagina width: Too small.
Favorite Weapon: Rocky Mountain Raider.

Image hosted by

Looks like that's good enough for now. Tee hee, indeed.

(I hope I get in!)
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